Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grown-up Moves

I should have been tipped off when every person I talked to said "You're moving? Wow. That sucks."

Some friends say that they'll go to hell and back for you. But how many friends are willing to go to Cleveland at 3 am for you?

So I have survived my first grown up move. Moving as an adult, it turns out, is radically different from moving as a student.

I have moved long distances before. For example, I moved to Europe. However, moving as an adult alone from an apartment filled with furniture, books and other things I want to keep is tremendously different.

One thing I learned is that packing involves Zeno's Dichotomy Paradox, which goes something this:

Suppose it takes 2 hours to pack half your stuff. It then will take approximately 2 hours to pack the next half of your stuff, or 1/4 of your total stuff. The next half of your stuff (1/8 of your total stuff) will also, surprisingly, take 2 hours, and so on.

So... how long does it take to pack all your stuff? Before I was aware of the Zeno's Paradox problem, I had figured it would take about 8 hours to pack all my stuff. But like any math teacher will tell you it will take an infinite amount of time to pack all your stuff. This is a real phenomenon, and one that I plan to account for in my next move.

I am really excited to be in my new home. There are things I'm going to miss, like my friends. My close friends in Chicago are amazing and irreplaceable.

Other things I will miss in my new home includes things like Indian food. There isn't an Indian restaurant for at least 50 miles.

I will miss you, plate of spicy seasoned awesomeness.
But on the whole I'm incredibly excited to start my new life in a small town in New York's North Country.

My dwarf hamster Krav Maga, strapped in and ready for new adventures!
My new home.


  1. Absolutely true. The books are easy, as are most of the clothes. But the dishes are a pain. And toiletries.

    This is true: I have NEVER said, "I have enough boxes," although people (significant others) have said so on my behalf. (You do know where this is going.) And they were, without exception, WRONG.

    OK, the books arent THAT easy, because if you have boxes that are TOO big, you can't lift them.

    1. Every box except the ones holding things like liquid detergent had books to distribute the weight.

      Exactly the same thing happened to me: "You have enough boxes" {wrong!}. Also: "You have plenty of time!" {WRONG}

      Part of my next-move notes: you can never really have too many small boxes. They are efficient for stacking and easy to lift (important if you're DIYing).

      Other important notes (to be blogged on later): the solution to the Zeno's Paradox problem is the CraSh Box. :-)